In the summer of 2016 I spent ten days in Iceland, supporting and documenting the WHALER WATCHING 2016 campaign of the NGO HARD TO PORT which is dedicated to work towards ending the commercial whale hunt in Iceland. Hard to Port’s main objective is to build an organized and active community of nature enthusiasts, visitors and residents of Iceland who will jointly and individually lobby for an end of the annual slaughter of whales in Icelandic waters. This was the 2nd leg of their campaign, which, in 2015, had already made it to international newspapers. 

When I boarded the plane I was excited to see what's lying ahead of me. Finally going to see this magical place with my own eyes, meeting friends again who I'd already know from my/our work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, yet I was also asking myself how "how am I gonna react to see the whalers, the kill ships? How am I gonna react to people starting discussions or even worse fights?" All these things were on my while the plane was heading towards Iceland and while we started into the sunset it got brighter and brighter as we were moving up north. 

Landed in Keflavik, I got picked up by two of the HTP activists and we drove to our base for the next ten days where all the others were already waiting for me.

Bjoern LexiusComment