Collaborating with Vitamin Well was a thrilling experience, full of energy and creativity. When they approached me to capture the essence of their two new products in a dynamic, lifestyle fitness setting, I knew this project would be a unique opportunity to blend my passion for photography with the vibrant world of endurance sports. In this blog post, I'll take you behind the scenes of this exciting shoot, sharing the challenges, triumphs, and creative moments that made this day unforgettable.

The Project

Project Goals: Vitamin Well was gearing up to release two new flavors, Sport 001 and Sport 002, and wanted to showcase these products in an authentic, lifestyle fitness context. The focus was on running and endurance, steering clear of typical bodybuilding imagery. They envisioned images that would resonate with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, highlighting their drinks' real-life usage.

Client's Vision: Vitamin Well aims to present its products as integral to a healthy, active lifestyle. They sought engaging and genuine visuals that captured the essence of athletes in their element. This required a setting and approach that emphasized natural light and authentic moments of athleticism.

Behind the Scenes

The shoot day was a blend of fun and productivity, thanks in large part to Studio Godewind's meticulous planning. Mieke and Tim Koenecke, who led the creative direction and production, made the day flow seamlessly. Their expertise and the relaxed yet focused atmosphere they created allowed everyone to perform at their best. Their contributions were instrumental in bringing the client's vision to life.

One of our main challenges was dealing with the available lighting conditions at the track, which was only accessible to us between 10 AM and 3 PM. This timing, while not ideal for capturing that perfect natural light in May, was chosen for its symbolic significance to the project. The track, a place of endurance and perseverance, was the perfect backdrop for showcasing the energy and vitality of the athletes and the products. As someone who prefers working with natural light, I had to adapt and make the best of the situation. Despite these conditions, we achieved a summery feel for the shoot, even though the light could have been more epic earlier in the morning. Using a scrim wasn't an option since we wanted those dynamic shadows, but we made it work!

Photo Selection

Some of my personal favorites didn't make the cut for Vitamin Well's final selection. For instance, I adored a series of black-and-white shots that paid homage to iconic images like those of Michael Jordan for Gatorade.

Client's Selections vs. My Favorites: 

While these photos spoke to me on an artistic level, focusing on emotion and composition, the client's choices were driven by their product and brand consistency. This difference in perspective is common; clients prioritize their brand's visual language while I focus on the artistic and emotive elements. Ideally, these viewpoints align, but it's a dance that requires understanding and compromise from both sides.

Personal Insights

Reflection: Client feedback is an invaluable part of the creative process. Working consistently with clients helps me understand their needs and vision more deeply with each project. When working with new clients, exchanging mood boards and discussing treatments is crucial to bridge the gap between their expectations and my creative approach. Photographers also need to recognize when a job might not be the best fit for their style and aesthetics.

Learning Experience: This project reinforced the importance of being prepared for any situation. The right accessories can be a lifesaver, even if you don't use them. My background in documentary photography has taught me to work with all types of light, which came in handy during this shoot. Trusting my gut and adapting to the conditions allowed me to capture the genuine, lively spirit that Vitamin Well sought. Moving forward, I will continue to hone my skills in working with different lighting conditions and understanding client expectations, ensuring that I can deliver the best possible results in any project.


This Vitamin Well shoot was an excellent example of the power of collaboration, adaptability, and creative vision. From navigating less-than-ideal lighting to finding a balance between client expectations and personal artistry, it was a learning experience I'll carry forward into future projects.