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Martin Neuhof is a photographer from Leipzig, Germany. I've known Martin for quite some time now (Facebook calls we're friends on there since September 2010). Two years ago we first met in person (he took portraits of me) and I got to know Martin a bit more from hanging out with him for a few days and talking and discussing lots of topics, photography and non-photography related. Since then we've talked a lot, met a couple of times and now it was my turn to make portraits of him. The #fokus16 meetup was the perfect chance to take our time and have me shoot these images. I want to thank Martin for his trust in my work and letting me do whatever I wanted, also Daniel for assisting me on this session with lighting it with the Icelight.

I wanted to show Martin the way I see him and whenever I think about him what I see is some sort of inner conflict, an ever-thinking human who is torn between his own ideals, thoughts and things happening around him. He's always curious, eager to meet new people, to connect with other photographers, so creative in his work, yet sometimes seems to be insecure about it as well. Looking at his work and his blog you can actually see this in his work as well, at least in my humble opininon.

Click this link to see the images in full size: GALLERY