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Wanderlust. That's what my good friend Nico and I have been talking about a lot during the last months of 2015 and one night whilst chatting we decided to spend New Year's somewhere by the sea. Pretty quickly Denmark was put on the travel map. We asked Svenja and Christina if they wanted to join us for this trip and as they agreed, I started checking AirBnb for possible places to stay. All of us wanted to take some time off from the busy and sometimes stressful workdays, so it was easily decided to look for a place that was quiet. As I stumbled upon a place which was described as "quiet, almost too lonely" I was set and hoping the others would agree. They did. Of course.

December 30th, Jessy and I still had a portrait session booked at the beach in St. Peter-Ording. Having returned back to Hamburg that night I met up with the other three to have diner together and to talk about the final plans. The next morning we headed off to Denmark. Excitement met relaxation in the car. A good combination for me. After arriving and leaving our stuff at our place we took our cameras and started off to the closest beach. The night was spent talking in front of the oven with some drinks and nice food.

Well, I don't want to bore you with all the details, maybe I already lost some of you, so I'll keep it short: we had a good time in Denmark, exploring the beautiful island of Rømø, the ruins of an old castle, the town of Tønder, taking lots and lots of photos and talking about life, photography and other stuff that came to mind. Additionally we watched several episodes of the Framed Film Show with Ryan Muirhead, Tanja Lippert and Jan Scholz. Very inspiring every time anew. You should definitely check it if you haven't heard about it yet.

So, here's a set of images of stuff that I shot during the four days. There'll be a few series of portraits coming this way the next days as well, but for now enjoy these ones. Yes, mostly black and white to... 99% maybe?