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Growing up on punkrock and hardcore I also grew up with the ideas and principles of DIY and helping each other out. There was this band called GOOD CLEAN FUN and to quote them is perfect right now:

As kids we're told to always play fair
Smile at your neighbor
And share, share, share
In later years we're taught
To try and be the best
"Look out for yourself, and fuck all the rest"
Well, I would say in many ways
We learned much more in younger days. the obvious things
were all so plain to see
Like two for you and two for me
If there are only four I don't need three
That's just how the world should be
You must remember the way
When things are up in the air
It's like the word of the day
And today's word is fair
If you've got two kidneys
It means you have one to spare
Because the people who win
Are the people who share

So, when and why did we forget about sharing? There's almost nothing that has not been done before so what's the problem of sharing your knowledge, sharing your experiences with others? Throughout the last weeks I spoke a lot about photography with my good friend Nico of honeymilk photography and I realized how much I was able to inspire him with what I was saying or showing him. Same goes for Till, one of my best friends. When we talk about photography we both get inspired. For myself I have so many photographers that inspire me and I'd love to talk to them about photography in person and to attend workshops or book a mentoring with them as I feel that every single one got something to share and to inspire me. To inspire so many others with just what we are doing every day. Something that may not be special to us, may mean a new start for others.

I've been thinking about this topic for about a year, I remember when I wrote my review on 2014 I was considering giving mentorings myself but it didn't feel right at that time because I didn't understand what it should be that I am able to give to to others. Now, in the first weeks of 2016 I think I realized for sure what I wrote earlier. We all got something to give and we should give. We should share. Cause who shares wins.