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How the hell did I manage to come up with such a title for this post? I just don't know. 

Topic today: finding your own voice in photography. In this art form which is overly saturated it's hard to come up with something new. It's like in music where you can play all the famous songs with just the same few chords. 

As you might know, besides shooting all the work which is published on this website I do also shoot loads of weddings over at together with my friend Jessy and the wedding industry, maybe even more than portrait photography is so saturated and everybody seems to be doing the same thing that knowingly works, without listening to their own voice. And it might not even be on purpose, it's just the fact that through social media so many images are fired upon us that we are having a hard time to listen to our inner self. Picture yourself in a bar full of people and everyone's talking, can you even pay attention to the conversation you are having or will you catch some words from each of the other conversations around you because they might seem more interesting? It's hard to keep attention to what you really wanna talk about, what inspires you, what makes you feel something. 

I guess most of you, just like myself, will have several photographers that you look up to, who inspire you, whose work you really love with all of your heart, then you have friends who work in the same industry, so you follow their work as well, you're part of several photo-related groups on Facebook, regularly check Instagram and Tumblr and whatever there is flooding your social media feeds with image after image. Will you shoot what you really wanna shoot or do you shoot what's working in social media (regarding likes & comments)? To me photography is about emotion and about putting something of myself into my work and I really hope my work is touching someone and makes him or her feel something. I wanna shoot images that mean something to someone and that mean something to me. If I keep recreating what I see, and I really mean recreating, not being inspired by something, how can I put something of myself into it?

By looking at good photographs I want to learn something about the photographer as well, about his or her personality. Don't be shy, you have something to say through your art. So, start filtering the noise around you, step out, shoot something that really means something to you. Listen to your own voice and let it speak freely. 

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