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Ash is a cyclist. A crit racer. We met about a year ago when I was shooting for her team Affinity Cycles. I took one of my all-time favorite rider portraits of her (which I will put as first image in this post's gallery). We've already been talking about shooting some images offside track when we find time for it and finally we did during critweek for Red Hook Crit Brooklyn 2016 a few weeks ago in Brooklyn. Ash was quite busy that day before raceday, filming, doing interviews, but nevertheless in the early evening we met in Red Hook, shot some images around the neighborhood and later enjoyed some beers together at the pre-race party. 

I especially liked to get the chance to talk to her about other stuff than cycling, which normally on a raceday itself you most problably won't as a rider's mind is too focused on concentrating for the race. So, no more words, here's Ash Duban. First on the track in London 2015 and then off the track in Brooklyn, New York, 2016.