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I met Samira (check her FB page) during the #ebbeundflut16 meetup in October 2016 (which I still have to write about and show more photos from, just put down a reminder to myself in my phone, damnit, I'm always behind on that).

So, while I was checking the place we were staying at I found this back wall of some industrial building with some chairs next to it and I immediately knew I wanted to shoot there. I remember someone told me I should put the chairs and the wood aside and I was like "What? Hell no!". I just liked the mixture of the setting and Samira's outfit. I think we shot for 10 minutes (maybe??). Not so much to say about this one, sorry, next time...

Oh, one thing, as I thought I'd give you some music on the way with every blog post, I was listening to either Depeche More's "Violator" or some Joy Division while editing these.