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I can't recall when exactly Michelle and I worked together for the first time, I just remember it was her first session with a photographer back then. It was a cold day, I was late for the session (one of the few times I overslept, lucky me, it never happened on a job, only during personal work), I couldn't contact her as her phone somehow found the way into the toilet at Sankt Pauli's own "Jolly Roger" bar. What a great start for that, but the photos we got out of that session weren't bad at all. It then took us two years or something to work together again in 2015, and now 2017 it was time to work together another time. Michelle meanwhile grew a following for her work on her Facebook page and her Instagram profile and you should check it out and follow her. 

I had this idea in mind that I wanted to go for. I wanted to do something different to what most photographers shoot with her, as most of them go for close-up beauty shots, but that's just not me at all and I knew she would like this different approach. Michelle, this time, a little bit sick, brought that cool Fred Perry dress, some Doc Martens and her sense of humor, which I like that much. A few minutes session and it was done. It also was damn cold and I didn't want her to totally freeze all the time. Luckily Pi of "By The Sea Photography" who was working with us that day had the idea of spontaneously moving into a studio. But that's another story...

Oh and sorry (not sorry) for that cheesy hipsterish title, I just didn't have a better idea what else to write. 

Listening to: The Clash - Police on my back